Why Samanides?

4 reasons WHY the most important and demanding companies in the industry trust us and honor us with their cooperation.


Our company is a family-run business for 3rd generations. Since its' establishment on 1948,  our firm has a constant presence in the market with 100% equity and zero lending.

We have been working with the companies we represent for years and our excellent cooperation has created a two-way trust relationship that is essential to any successful business relationship.


The materials we are dealing with cover the entire range of Graphic Arts, pre-print - printing - post-printing - finishing - binding. They are imported directly from well-known European manufacturers aiming to the best possible quality at the most advantageous price.


In 1997, we established the first Mixing Station in Greece according to German standards, where it is possible to match any Pantone shade on the customer's requested time and quantity. During the next 20 years the Mixing Station was equipped with new instruments (X-rite Spectroeye), software (InkFormulation & Quality Control) and machines (IGT Proofer, UV dryer) aiming to the continuous optimization of our services.

2009 is another important year as our company invested in machinery for the cutting and barring printing blankets. We are the only company in Greece that has the right machinery, variety of printing blanket types and bars in order to provide in short time and at an advantageous price printing blankets for all the machines and for every application.


The R & D department of our company, with ongoing research and training at seminars abroad is following closely the developments in our industry, suggesting to our customers  innovative materials that can differentiate a printing job.

Combined with our fully equipped "small lab" (specialized water analysis, spectrophotometer, gloss meter, water / UV varnish coater) and after-sales service of our products, we aim at the best possible service of our customers with consistency and responsibility.