Waterbased & UV for application via:
  • Varnishing units of offset machines
  • Varnishing machines
  • Damping unit of offset machines
  • Inking unit of offset machines (paste)
  • Flexo
  • Digital
  • LED UV
Basic varnishes
  • High Gloss 1-sided. Mainly for packaging
  • Gloss 2-sided. For commercial printing with fast drying
  • Mat
  • Satin-Matt
  • Protective
Special varnishes
  • Scented (scratch+sniff) varnishes with microcapsules. The scent is being released after scratching the varnished area.
  • Pearlescent varnishes for cosmetics and luxurious packaging.
  • Soft touch varnishes for cosmetics and pharmaceuticals.
  • Antislip
  • Playing Cards
  • Barrier against i.e. water, fat, oil etc.
  • Blister for sealing with PVC, PET-G, PET-A foils, οr sealing with carton.
  • Primer & UV in line varnishes
  • Drip off effect
Waterbased and UV Varnishes certified for food packaging
  • Low migration waterbased varnishes suitable for direct food contact according to the guidelines of NESTLE and Swiss Ordinance
  • Low migration UV varnishes suitable for indirect food contact according to the guidelines of NESTLE and Swiss Ordinance
UV Screen printing varnishes
  • Gloss
  • Matt
  • Extra flexible
  • Special effects:
  • Glitter (gold, silver, colored, pearlescent)
  • Relief  – special relief for Braille
  • thermochromic etc

Based on our experience and our close collaboration with the manufacturers, we suggest to the customer solutions and innovations. We closely follow the developments and regulations on food packaging and with the help of our gloss meter, hand coater, UV dryer, we recommend the most suitable varnish for every application and solutions to deal with any problem.