Silicone for web offset machines and fountain solutions from German company WOLFGANG SPIELBERGER, who specializes exclusively in the production of the a.m. materials
  • SILKO Silicone
  • new silicone-based slip emulsion with rub resistance and wetting agents
  • dramatically reduced formation of streaks and spots
  • excellent slip
  • improved remoistening of the web
  • special anti-microbial additives
  • antistatic additives
  • very high storage stability and homogeneity
  • ALCO DOWN Fountain Solution
  • quick ink-water balance
  • stable pH
  • clear reduction / elimination of IPA
  • printing plates run clean quickly
  • little soiling of the dampening circulation
  • special anti-microbial additives
  • corrosion inhibited
  • FOGRA approved
Water Analysis

For your better service we have the possibility to analyze the water you are using for printing in order to suggest you the right ratio of fountain solution and IPA.