Now also for UV inks!
Put an end to non-productive times

Following the development and the needs of the market, since 1997 has been operating in our premises and in accordance to German standards the first in Greece Mixing Station for conventional & UV inks where it is possible to match any PANTONE shade in time and at the quantity that our customer requires.

Our experience in this sector in conjunction with our specialized staff and the detailed and in-depth control of each batch (x-Rite Spectroeye, software InkFormulation, Color Quality) allow us to ensure that the shade is matched without deviations.

Also adding various auxiliary materials - drying, anti-set off, diluent pastes etc. - we can offer inks with similar properties, thus satisfying the different printing requirements (printing on glossy and matte papers, metal surfaces, printing of boxes metallized surfaces etc.).

Especially for food packaging, we are able to offer you low migration certified Pantone inks  (Nestle, Swiss Ordinance) for indirect food contact.