Conventional Process Series produced by the certified ISO 9001 German firm Jaenecke + Schneemann GmbH customized to the customer's needs:
  • With fast setting, suitable for perfecting machines
  • With very good rub resistance for uncoated  papers and boards
  • For plastic and non-absorbent substrates / dry with oxidation
  • With high light resistance, suitable for printing posters and packaging exposed to the sun
  • For continuous printing (HBL) and low misting properties for high speed runs
UV inks from Jaenecke+Scheenmann
  • UV offset for paper/carton
  • UV offset for foil (PVC, PET, PS, PE, PP)
  • UV Letterpress for paper & film (PVC, PS, PE, PP)
  • UV Flexo high pigmented of paper and film
Economical duct fresh process series, low odour, high pigmented with good drying and rub resistance.
Low Migration
Low migration inks for food packaging

From Jaenecke+Schmeemann according to the guidelines of  the European Community, Nestle & Swiss Ordinance

  • UV offset for paper/carton
  • UV offset for foils (PVC, PET, PS, PE, PP)

On the application we have created you can easily check all the process series that we have always on stock.